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LPG Cylinder Filling Skid, LPG Pump Skids, LPG Skid Mounted Filling Plants


We SAFETECHNO SERVICES deal in LPG Cylinder Filling Skid, LPG Pump Skids, LPG Skid Mounted Filling Plants, LPG Mobile Bottling Plants, Government Licensing Work, Legal Documentation Services, CCoE (PESO) Preliminary Approval. We have an expert team for Design, Engineering consultancy, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Design Engineering Services, Turnkey Project Management Services, Tender Documents Preparation, Engineering Study for LPG Auto Gas Filling Stations, LPG LOT / VOT Manifold Installation, Propane Storage Plants, CNG Storage Plants and Petroleum Storage Plants for commercial and industrial projects etc. from India.

Established in 2010 and we are one of the leading company specialized in our range of activites. We have recently got Recognition as a Competent Person under Petroleum Rule 2002 for Rule 126, 130 and Part B of Form VII by Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organisation (PESO) Nagpur, India.
Rule 126 : Certificate of Tank Testing for Petroleum Storage Tanks
Rule 130 : Issuance of Certificate of Safety for Storage of Petroleum

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